After 20 years or so working in the clothing industry in New Zealand, Australia & the US I found myself somewhat disillusioned with fast fashion and how a typical large clothing chain approaches sourcing product for each collection.

My job as a senior designer for a large Australian retail group involved frequent worldwide travel to source inspiration & to visit off shore factories. I became increasingly frustrated with the carbon emissions involved in long haul flights, parcels couriered back & forth to factories on the other side of the world & the throw away plastic packaging used to ship samples & product. The constant quest to sell more, produce more and thrive in an industry built on mass consumption was far removed from my simple love of making clothes that inspired me to study fashion design all those years ago.

I believe clothing is important; it's essential. We need to keep ourselves & our family warm, cool & comfortable. Choosing clothes that are pretty and flattering makes us feel good. It offers us confidence and self expression. I believe fashion does have a place in the changing world, but it doesn't have to be mass produced and mass consumed, damaging the planet its wake. 

Paper Doll Patterns was born out of a love for ethical & sustainable fashion. It's built on a desire to share the joy of sewing with anyone who wants to join the slow fashion movement by creating beautiful heirloom pieces at home for the little people in their lives.

Happy sewing x